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Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear

Style and Function

Client: Columbia Sportswear

Role: 3D Animation, Print Design


Columbia Sportswear was introducing their Turbodown® product that would help customers stay warm in cold and icy conditions. This innovative technology made use of techniques that were a challenge to communicate to customers. What was needed was a way to demonstrate how various fabrics were used to minimize heat loss while providing for the most comfortable experience possible.


Discussions with the design and manufacturing teams were essential to create an animation that communicated clearly without being overly technical. Digital storyboards and material renders were presented, which led to the creation of preview animations that helped set pacing and get the details right. Once completed, the final animation was used for video production and on the company website. Static images of the animation were prepared for use on the product hang tags and other printed material.


This animation and printed illustrations helped establish this innovative, yet affordable product that is one of Columbia’s most popular from year to year. Technical concepts that are hard to understand were demonstrated quickly and effectively, showing the power and flexibility of the Turbodown® product.

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