UX Designer

Multi-disciplinary creative with a focus on user experience design and bringing value to companies in the form of research, media production, and digital storytelling.


Coursera as a company grew significantly during my time working there. In addition to helping build the company's B2B website, I created several products for the marketing team.

Working closely with the business department leads and stakeholders, a road map was defined, shaping a product that would be instrumental in transforming the department. Weekly meetings helped refine ideas and provide perspective to the project. Wireframes and designs were created throughout the product life cycle.

In addition to helping to map and scope product phases, I helped with designs and acted as the lead developer. Through hard work and focused efforts, what started as a minimum viable product, soon grew into an enterprise-level website.

As of today, the marketing team has grown to over 50 people and the website continues to drive leads and communicate the value of business education.

Goals were ambitious and the timeline was short for this project. Working with the data team, we responded quickly to user feedback allowing us to craft a product that took the department from "One to One Hundred," in the words of the Head of Global Enterprise.