2022 Case Nautilus – Greg Bowen Design
Nautilus Onboarding

Nautilus Fitness

Creating Loyal Customers

Client: Axian

Nautilus fitness was facing a challenge with its onboarding process and were looking for help in acquiring and retaining new customers. The project was complex, with various devices, fitness apps, and legacy subscriptions to consider. Promotional offers also needed to be integrated and updated.

Collaborating closely with Nautilus fitness stakeholders and the UX design team, we were able to help develop a strategy that met and exceeded the goals set for the project. We explored journey maps, created interactive prototypes and high-resolution designs. Regular meetings ensured that the team was communicating properly and that the project remained on track.

Our efforts led to a significant improvement in the onboarding process, giving customers an enhanced experience as new customers, and access to information about their fitness accounts. Legacy customers and offers were supported, providing a unified and easy-to-use experience.

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