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Unexplored Worlds

Client: Superframe

Covid was a challenge for all of us. My way to deal with it was to commit myself to building something meaningful. With my background in 3D and special effects, I set out to make a video game about discovery and exploration. There are no guns here, or complicated tasks, but rather an exploration of exotic and unexplored alien worlds.

I have made some VR games in the past, and this project presented some unique challenges. Multiple devices, UI elements, control mechanisms, and marketing all need to be considered. There were long nights and much help was needed from the community. In the end, I hired contractors to help create assets and get a four-level demo to the finish line.

Exo is a beautiful game and I always encourage people to play. It delivered on all of the goals that I set out to achieve. It is still trying to find its place in the market, but we have some dedicated fans who are helping to get the word out. You can find and play Exo here.

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