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Taming AI Chaos

An Industry Transfromed

The art industry is undergoing a major transformation thanks to groundbreaking innovations in the AI art space. New tools are revolutionizing the art world and offering numerous opportunities for designers, animators, painters, and digital sculptors.


One area that is still evolving is the ability of AI to produce consistent and reliable results. Creating beautiful pictures is a compelling endeavor, but for these tools to be useful in a production environment, results need to be controllable and consistent.

New tools are being developed daily that allow artists to better control AI art output. This allows for the ability to quickly iterate over concepts, prototype looks quickly, and sketch out ideas for further development.

ControlNet is one of these new technologies and offers a robust set of tools allowing artists to better direct how images are created. In this example, I took a photo of a kitchen pulled from a stock archive:

Using ControlNet, I was able to apply different looks to this image:

Techniques such as these open up a world of possibilities for designers, architects, and artists.

ControlNet goes beyond architectural renders. New tools such as OpenPose allow for the creation and posing of human models and characters ranging from photorealism to imaginative fantasy art.

AI Art in Production

It has only been about a year that these tools have been available and modern brands are already putting them to use. This has the potential to disrupt many different areas where creative arts are involved, from prototyping, storyboarding, product design, and photography.

“Brands such as Zara, H&M, Dior, Macy’s and Nike all use AI in their business models, says Koukoravas, who adds advances in the technology will soon make it possible for brands to create realistic images of virtual garments and accessories based on customer demands and fashion trends.” -Kosta Koukoravas, founder and CEO of Intelistyle

New Tools, New Mindsets

AI-generated images are a prime example of how AI is facilitating creativity. These technologies enable artists to explore new techniques and take on projects that were once too expensive or difficult to do. Additionally, they provide opportunities for collaboration, allowing artists to better work together.

With the arrival of new tools like ControlNet, AI art is starting to fulfill its potential as a tool for professional work. There are many issues surrounding the field that need to be resolved, but AI art is already integral to our workflows. By embracing the future, and in a similar way that ControllNet allows us to tame AI chaos, it is up to us to steer where this goes, to find the beauty in AI art, and turn its disadvantages into advantages.

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