Standing Out in an Ocean of Content

Introduction In today’s digital age, content is being produced at an unprecedented rate, with AI-generated content flooding every corner of the internet. According to a recent study, AI can generate thousands of articles, blog posts, and social media updates every minute. This deluge of content poses a significant challenge for creators looking to make their […]

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Writing Effective Blog Posts with AI

Effective blogging is essential to marketing your business and increasing your visibility on search engines. Consistently producing high-quality blog content helps attract and engage your target audience, driving traffic to your website and enhancing your brand’s online presence. AI is a game-changer, enabling you to effortlessly create engaging and polished blog posts. Here’s how you […]

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How AI Can Enhance Your Marketing Efforts and Drive Sales

Imagine Predicting Your Customer’s Next Move Imagine predicting your customer’s next move, tailoring your marketing messages to their specific needs, and automating time-consuming tasks so you can focus on strategic growth. This is the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing. AI emerges as a crucial tool for small businesses to stay competitive, elevate marketing […]

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Outside Films

Outside Films Documentary Portfolio Client: Gabriel Diamond Role: UX / Design Challenge: Gabriel Diamond has been creating powerful documentaries for the Skoll Foundation that speak to underserved communities for several years. These films are important to the work that the foundation does, but also stand on their own. The filmmaker needed an online portfolio to showcase his […]

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Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear Style and Function Client: Columbia Sportswear Role: 3D Animation, Print Design Challenge: Columbia Sportswear was introducing their Turbodown® product that would help customers stay warm in cold and icy conditions. This innovative technology made use of techniques that were a challenge to communicate to customers. What was needed was a way to demonstrate how various […]

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Cayuse Enterprise App Develpment Client: Cayuse Role: Senoir UX Designer Challenge: A leader in cloud-based compliance solutions aimed at improving science outcomes, Cayuse has been growing rapidly and is in the process of modernizing its software. Updating legacy products and bringing newly acquired properties in line with brand standards were some of the challenges that needed to […]

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Geo Redesign Open Source Social Networking Client: Geo Role: Lead UX Designer Challenge: Geo is an open source and non-profit social media site, for artists, activists, and organizations working to improve the communities where we live. Their original application was a minimum viable product that helped establish the platform, but several areas were preventing the site from […]

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San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers Making New Fans Client: San Diego Chargers Role: UX Design, Development Challenge: While working at the Morris Agency, I had the opportunity to work as a lead designer for the San Diego Chargers. This NFL team was looking for solutions to drive ticket sales and strengthen brand loyalty. Solution: Working closely with the marketing […]

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E & K Reclaimed Wood

E & K Website, Marketing Services Client: E & K Vintage Reclaimed Wood Challenge: E & K has been providing specialized products to customers throughout the Los Angeles area for several years. Their vintage reclaimed wood product has been used in many high-end commercial and residential settings. Their website was not properly representing the level of […]

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Firetec Online Product Brochure Client: Aurora Lighting Role: Designer Challenge: Aurora Lighting needed an online catalog to introduce a line of products they were bringing to international audiences. The website needed to show different variations of these LED lights that also fit within the parent brand. Solution: Working directly with the product owners, several design options were […]

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