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Coursera Business Website

Building an Enterprise Website


In the journey to create an enterprise website for Coursera’s Business Department, I played a pivitol role as a consultant within a close-knit team. This platform aimed to attract business clients to Coursera’s extensive portfolio of enterprise course offerings. In this case study, we will delve into my contribution, including early-stage participation, user-centric design, and optimization efforts, which played an important role in enhancing Coursera’s enterprise engagement.



In the era of digital learning, Coursera sought to expand its reach and cater to the needs of businesses seeking high-quality educational solutions for their employees. The objective was to develop an enterprise website to serve as a magnet for businesses, showcasing Coursera’s enterprise-focused courses and certifications.



I was involved with this project early in its development. At the time, the business department at Coursera was using a CRM landing page to attract its B2B clients. The department was growing, and it was clear that an enterprise-level website would be necessary. Budgets were tight, and a small team of four was created to come up with a solution that would satisfy the needs of the stakeholders.

Scoping and Ideation: Actively participated in early-stage meetings to help choose a platform that allows stakeholders to adapt to a startup environment easily. He participated in brainstorming sessions to help formulate and identify important elements of an enterprise website.

Design Support: Provided design support for important web components to fit within the Coursera style guide and brand, including course titles, pricing tables, landing pages, and conversion forms.

Responsive Design: Helped establish user-centric interface designs, and was responsible for writing the site’s front-end code and building a site that worked flawlessly on all desktop and mobile devices.

Programming: Greg was responsible for programming all of the website's back-end code and coordinating with the security team, system administrators, and outside vendors.

Optimization for Conversion: Continuously optimized the website’s speed and performance to enhance conversion rates. User forms and landing pages were constantly tested and refined to improve conversion rates.

Data Integration: Integrated real-world data and, working with the SEO team, was responsible for on-site optimization and ensuring the site operated at peak performance.

coursera websitecoursera website



Our small team worked on an accelerated timeline and delivered on the goal of creating an enterprise-level website that exceeded expectations. Businesses can now easily find courses that pertain to their workforce and understand Coursera's offerings.

Course Showcase: A central element of the website is the presentation of Coursera’s enterprise-focused courses and certifications, which cater to businesses looking to upskill their employees.

User-Friendly Navigation: The website offers a streamlined user experience, making it easy for visitors to explore course offerings, certifications, and other relevant information.

Customized Solutions: The platform provides tailored solutions for businesses, allowing them to find courses that align with their industry, employee roles, and specific learning objectives.



In the end, the project was a resounding success. In the words of the Head of Global Enterprise Marketing at Coursera, the new website took the department "from 1 to 100." My role as lead developer and UX designer was pivotal in helping transform the department. The platform has opened new doors for businesses seeking high-quality educational solutions, and with ongoing refinements and expansions, the future looks promising for Coursera and its enterprise clients.

testimonial about the coursera website from andrew freed director of marketing



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