Agency: Kalamuna
Client: EDF

Environmental Defense Fund

Building a Resource Center


Working as a senior product designer, I played a pivotal role in the design of a groundbreaking resource hub for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). This platform was specifically aimed at small-scale fisheries worldwide, connecting individuals and entrepreneurs to improve industry conditions and contribute to environmental sustainability. My involvement in this project, from inception to execution, helped lead to remarkable success in supporting small-scale fisheries and fostering positive environmental change.



The Environmental Defense Fund recognized the urgent need to empower and connect individuals and entrepreneurs involved in small-scale fisheries. This initiative aimed to provide a platform that would facilitate collaboration, information sharing, and the improvement of industry practices, ultimately contributing to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.



Working closely with the team at Kalamuna, I contributed in the role of senior UX designer and researcher. In addition to stakeholder interviews, I was an integral part of the design process, from initial ideation to the production of high-resolution designs.

Stakeholder Interviews: Conducted insightful stakeholder interviews to gain a deep understanding of the project's objectives and the unique needs of small-scale fisheries and their stakeholders.

Collaborative Design: Working closely with a team of designers, I contributed to creating journey and content maps, ensuring a comprehensive and user-focused design approach.

Wireframe Designs: Crafted wireframe designs that laid the foundation for the platform's user interface and experience, focusing on user-friendliness and accessibility.

Client Interaction: Actively engaged with the Environmental Defense Fund, presenting design ideas and concepts, and aligning the project with the client's vision.

High-Resolution Designs: As the project progressed, I transitioned from wireframes to high-resolution designs, refining and enhancing the visual elements of the platform.



Working closely with the technology team, we created a social networking hub that helped connect fishers and fishing organizations worldwide. This site has become an important partner, helping startup entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses with a networking and news hub.

Global Connectivity: The platform connects fishermen, entrepreneurs, and organizations worldwide, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Resource Hub: It serves as a comprehensive resource hub, providing valuable information on sustainable fishing practices, conservation efforts, and industry updates.

Entrepreneurial Support: Small-scale fisheries startups benefit from valuable insights, mentorship, and networking opportunities for growth and development.

Environmental Impact: The platform contributes significantly to improving fishing practices, reducing environmental harm, and enhancing the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems.



In conclusion, my contributions to the design of the Environmental Defense Fund's small-scale fisheries resource hub have yielded remarkable results. The platform has become a global force for positive change in the industry, connecting individuals and entrepreneurs to improve conditions and contribute to environmental sustainability. Commitment to user-centered design and environmental conservation is evident in the success of this transformative project.

Industry Transformation: The social network has played a pivotal role in transforming small-scale fisheries, encouraging sustainable practices and responsible entrepreneurship.

Global Collaboration: Small-scale fisheries worldwide have come together to share knowledge and collaborate, creating a global network focused on positive change.

Environmental Preservation: The platform's impact extends to environmental conservation, as improved fishing practices contribute to preserving marine life and habitats.

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