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Role: Cofounder, UX


Social media as a platform has changed over the years and as we find ourselves at the center of political controversies, we see a space we once used to make friends online being manipulated for corporate gain. For-profit media necessitate agendas that don't necessarily line up with social good. What is needed is a non-profit, community-funded space that is free from cost and toxicity.


Discussions with our partners and users inform our design process as we strive to improve user experiences and outcomes. Several technical hurdles needed to be overcome with this project. It was important for our users to be able to edit pages directly from the front-end of their websites. This platform also allows users to upload embeds from third-part vendors, which created security issues that also needed to be resolved.


This platform is now a minimum viable product and we are actively gathering input on how to improve the UX while we look for sources of funding. Currently, the site is by invite only, but anyone with a project focused on improving our communities is welcome.

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