I have worked with Greg on multiple occasions over many years. He has the unusual combination of solid developer skills and yet is wildly creative on the design side. He is a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humor. Highly recommended.

Randy Marks
Managing Partner
Imagine One Mobile

Greg worked with me on a variety of web projects for clients of all stripes. What I loved most about working with him was that he held himself accountable and I could trust him to interface with clients in a personable, service-oriented fashion. He is knowledgable, responsive, and cares about getting things done right.

Chris Fettin
Owner/Creative Director
Chris Fettin Design

Greg is a very skilled web developer with a sophisticated design aesthetic. He is able to strategize as well as execute on brand priorities and brings a great depth of programming and industry knowledge to his projects. He can quickly integrate high level concepts and build functional prototypes as well as design and produce polished, effective web sites. His development and coding skills give him a high degree of proficiency, allowing him to offer various forms of technical integration including the ability to deliver customized or specialized solutions based on project and client priorities.

Peter Loomis
Founder & Principal
Persone Design

Greg has been our go-to lead developer since early 2015 (I wished I’d met him earlier as I could have used him). I’ve had to rely on Greg’s extensive knowledge not only in writing code, but also his experience when it comes to recommending industry best practices and consulting in general. He usually offers not one but numerous solutions to various problems that come up during the dev process. Also, he has a designer’s eye which adds an extra dimension to his already extensive skill set. I look forward to the next time we can enlist Greg.

Brandon Griffin
Owner/Creative Director

As a lead front-end developer working with one of our high profile financial services clients, Greg was able to deliver a complete redesign for an acquisition website for the client under very short timelines. I found Greg to be very easy to work with and personable. Above all, he provided insights from his varied client experiences applied this expertise to the project.

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