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Reimaging Social Engagement


Role: Native App Development

Ecowire is an open source and non-profit social media site, for artists, activists, and organizations with a focus on improving the communities where we live. Their launch application was created as a minimum viable product, but several areas were preventing the site from seeing better adoption. Privacy concerns, the content editing interface, and messaging features were all areas that were addressed.

We approached this challenge by conducting in-depth user interviews to understand pain points and areas that needed improvement. Data informed the design process, which included the creation of wireframes, journey maps, and personas. Prototypes were tested and refined and based on these findings, we helped improve user experience design and resulting in more engaging and effective platform.

Our efforts have resulted in a more comprehensive, secure, and reliable platform. User adoption has increased, and the new features are receiving positive feedback from users. I continue to help provide data analytics and design services to enhance the experience for the members of this online community.


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