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Rogers Bank

Streamlining Customer Success

Agency: Blue Note

Role: UX Design

The challenge for this project was to design a user-friendly website that aligned with Rogers Bank’s branding guidelines and appealed to its target audience. As an assigned UX Designer, I worked collaboratively with both agency and client partners, leveraging my adaptability, creativity, and attention to detail to create effective UX design.

To achieve this goal, early discussions with the agency were critical to mapping out strategies and details for the front-end framework. The design process included consideration of key features such as an investment calculator, account logins, and site navigation, all of which were carefully designed and built.

We succeeded in delivering a friendly, easy-to-use website that met the needs of Rogers Bank and its many customers. My collaboration with the agency and client partners brought value to the project project, and we were proud to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations.

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